On Monday night's finale of 'American Idol,' runner-up Caleb Hutchinson announced that he and eventual winner Maddie Poppe were an item. The adorable moment is below.

Now, we find out that Caleb fell for Maddie instantly. US Weekly asked Caleb how long the two had been a couple and his response was the thing of fairy tales:

If you ask me, it was January 21st, which was the first day I laid eyes on her.

Everybody together... AWWWWWWW!!

Maddie may not have fallen instantly, but told Good Morning America it didn't take long:

... he captured my heart pretty quickly. I mean, his personality just shines, and he makes me laugh more than anybody else in the whole world, so it didn't take long!

Caleb also told US Weekly,

Watching Maddie win was the coolest thing ever, really. Before she was my girlfriend and all that, she really has been my best friend since we met. Through this whole thing, me and her haven’t really been apart, and I’m there for her whenever she’s worried about anything and she’s there for me. It’s been great.

The two have also exchanged the sweetest social media posts about one another over the past couple days. Caleb's came first:

Love is a splendid thing. The two traveled across the country after the show, for TV appearances in New York. Maddie posted a couple of videos on her Instagram story. One of them states “Caleb likes to watch chick flicks on flights." Another is a short video out an airplane window. They were preceded by this picture:

It's pretty clear they're having the time of their young lives. Have fun you two!

Instagram @maddiepoppe
Instagram @maddiepoppe

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