It's no secret that part of my early morning routine involves Mountain Dew. Actually Diet Dew to be more specific. I've been drinking the diet version of the beverage for years now. Many say they don't like the taste, but personally, the regular Dew just tasted too sweet for me now. But when I heard that PepsiCo was introducing a new formulation that had zero sugar, I knew I needed to try it.

Mountain Dew Zero Sugar debuted on January 13th. PepsiCo said that the taste of the soda will remain the same, just without the normal 46 grams of sugar. Instead, it will be sweetened with acesulfame potassium, aspartame, and sucralose. So I guess this is going to be marketed to the people who just can't stand the taste of Diet Dew. They can now have a sugar free version of the original Mountain Dew.

I tried one this morning when I got into work and I will say this. It tastes just like regular Mountain Dew. And while yes, I'm cutting out all the sugar, don't I already do that with Diet Dew? I thought maybe this new formula would cut out the Aspartame, a substance used in diet sodas that have been proven to not be great for you. But no, it's in the new zero-sugar version too.

If you like regular Mountain Dew but don't like all the sugar, then this new formula will be right up your alley. But personally, I'll stick to the diet.


[via FoodDive]

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