Watch out, Carrie Underwood! You must might have some career competition...right at home!

Underwood's husband, twice-retired NHL pro Mike Fisher, posted a photo of himself Wednesday (Oct. 3) to social media, appearing to be belting out some vocals in a recording studio. Whaaaat? 

"I know you guys have been waiting a long time but new music is on the way!! Stay tuned," Fisher captioned the photo.

The big question: Is he serious? We all know Fisher can't compete with his famous wife's powerful pipes (who can?), but he does have some free time on his hands (he said goodbye to his sports career for good in May). While some of that time is doubtlessly taken up by his young son Isaiah—who has a sibling on the way—Fisher just might be looking for a passion project to pursue.

After all, he did manage to impress none less than Garth Brooks with his vocals, even once joining the legend for an impromptu version of "The River," which caused his wife to fume, "You cannot sing with Garth Brooks before I do!"

Alas for Underwood, Brooks wholeheartedly praised Fisher's talent. However, she probably doesn't have too much to worry about—at least if we are going to go off of Fisher's car karaoke version of his wife's "Cry Pretty."

Okay, so yeah. He's a little pitchy there, prompting Underwood to joke "You gonna start your new career as a country singer, babe?" Son Isaiah is on Mom's side, simply bursting into laughter.

But then again, who knows? We'll be willing to give Fisher an ear if and when the time comes. And we'd certainly love to see this superstar couple go mic to mic in an epic duet!

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