Tim McGraw released his new single "Neon Church" on Thursday (Oct. 4), and he's counting down the days until he can sing it live for his fans.

“It’s such an epic sounding song and such a big sounding song and so cinematic,” McGraw tells Taste of Country Nights' Sam Alex. “They are always fun to light and perform, even if you are just doing them in a club. It’s going to be exciting for me to sing. Sometimes you run across songs that you can’t wait to get to sing.”

The song should be included on the new album McGraw is currently working on, and it's one of wife Faith Hill's favorites.

"She’s got a lot of favorites on the record we are working on, but this is one that she really gravitated to," McGraw dishes. "She didn’t have any complaints with this being the first single. She loves the guitars on it and loves the lyric."

McGraw reveals that there are five or 6 more songs that he can't wait to dig his teeth into. "I think every song paints a picture and has a vignette that tells a story," he tells Alex. "It sounds so cliché because you say it every time you make a record but this thing I think is sonically and lyrically and the vistas that it creates musically are just something special."

In addition to "Neon Church," McGraw shared a song called "Thought About You" he says was written by the Warren Brothers. He doesn't know — or isn't telling — when the album will be released.

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