Did you know there is a 'nostalgia beverage' movement going on? Adults like myself that were kids back in the early 1990's are buying up drinks that were popular when we were kids and teenagers. I fondly remember Crystal Pepsi. I decided to revisit it this weekend. Results were mixed.

When I asked myself why I remember Crystal Pepsi so fondly, it's not about the soda itself. It's about the feeling of nostalgia it brings. I can remember the commercial. I remember the Van Halen song 'Right Now' playing. I remember being amazed at a clear cola. What a fool I was! I was a prisoner of Pepsi's master marketing machine. So when I purchased a bottle this weekend and took my first sip, I remembered why Crystal Pepsi didn't make it the first time. It doesn't taste good. It resembles Pepsi, but I'm guessing whatever process you have to do to make cola clear, the taste just doesn't work.

My wife purchased another nostalgia beverage this weekend, this time for the kids. Thanks to the new 'Ghostbusters' movie in theaters, Hi-C has brought back the Ecto-Cooler flavor of drinks! The flavor was a product tie-in with 'Ghostbusters 2' back in 1989. I remember those from when I was a kid too! But unlike Crystal Pepsi, these actually taste good!

Nostalgia beverages are a fun trip back to simpler times. It's a chance to share a moment of our youth with our kids, and to confirm just how terrible our tastes actually were.

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