Everyone's definition of fun differs to a certain point. If you ask me if I want to go out and have some 'fun' this weekend, it could mean a number of different things. We could go out and try and new restaurant or bar. We could go see a movie or a performance at a theater. When it comes to 'fun' things to do, Cedar Rapids gives you options. But compared to the rest of the nation, apparently, we aren't fun enough.

WalletHub compared 180 cities across the United States and looked at 65 key factors before determining how 'fun' each city was. Categories included fitness centers per capita, the total number of restaurants, music festivals per year, number of parks, and number of accessible bars. Add up your numbers and you have your 'fun' score. Sorry Cedar Rapids, your fun score needs some working on.

Source: WalletHub

Cedar Rapids ranked 142nd out of the 180 cities. Now I know that our city is never going to compete with the large metropolitan areas that are ranked higher. Las Vegas ranked number one in case you were wondering. Shocking, right? Orlando, New York, Atlanta, and other major cities ranked high on the list. What did Cedar Rapids in? Check out our ranking for 'Entertainment and Recreation'. 174 out of 180. Ouch. On the plus side, our affordability ranking was in the top 100.

The 'fun' factor of Cedar Rapids is something that city leaders worry about. If you can't make a city a fun place to live, people will leave. Leaders want to retain the best and brightest citizens to work and live here. It turns out we need some more places to 'play' too.


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