This is my favorite thing on the internet right now.

Presidential candidate and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was speaking to supporters at the Airliner in Iowa City recently, when something truly magical happened. A young woman seemed to approach the Senator, so she turned to address her. That's when the young woman threw her hands up in the air and said, "sorry, I’m just gonna get some ranch." 

It's the most accurate representation of Iowa that I've ever seen.

Now known as "Ranch Girl," 22-year-old University of Iowa senior Hanna Kinney told the Washington Post that she was at the restaurant with her Bible study group, and she is the designated ranch-fetcher. A very important job.

Because of the hilarious viral video, Hanna was gifted with free ranch for a year from the Airliner, and honestly, I think that's the best possible outcome of this situation. Every true Midwesterner knows that restaurant ranch beats store-bought ranch every day of the week! Senator Gillibrand even offered to buy her pizza the next time she's in town:

Some people are claiming that Hanna was intentionally being rude to the Senator, but she says that absolutely isn't true. She said in her interview:

“I’m literally just a girl getting some ranch, and she just happens to be in the way, and the crowd just happened to be there."

I know the news story may be silly to some, but sometimes we need something fun to break up all of the serious issues. Plus, I am probably as obsessed with ranch as Hanna, so this story really speaks to my soul.

You can read more from Hanna's interview HERE.

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