Experts say July and August are the biggest months for mosquitoes in Iowa. Here's what you need to keep those nasty biters from getting you.

There's no human alive that likes mosquitoes, at least not for what they do to us. And the fear of the bite was bad enough before the Zika and West Nile viruses came along. So how do you protect yourself? Jeff Brock, an infectious disease Mercy Medical Pharmacy Specialist told WHO,

The most common recommendations are deet based insect repellents. They are the most widely studied products and one of the most protective means against pesky bugs."

However, Brock says don't mess with things like fans or wristbands:

They really only protect part of your wrist and it gives off this odor. The thought is it creates a halo around the person to protect from mosquito bites. It may reduce the number of bites in a particular area where you are wearing the band, but it’s not going to protect your legs and your back from mosquito bites.”

So what products should you use? Brock recommends:

Consumer Reports also came out with the best ways to protect against the Zika Virus. It echoes most of the above.

I know a popular one at our house, and across Iowa, is Bug Soother. It doesn't hurt that the product is made in Iowa. Some others swear by Skin So Soft. Do you have a favorite?

One of WHO's anchors warns that Deet will destroy waterproofing capabilities of some fabrics and surfaces:

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