Last night, Clarksville's Maddie Poppe moved into the Top 50 on American Idol with an amazing performance of an original song called "Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up."

At the conclusion of Sunday night's episode on ABC, the contestants were grouped into three rooms. Which one was Maddie in?! ABC didn't divulge which room she was in until just before the final unveiling of the fate of the last of the three rooms. When I saw her I knew she was through. Whew!

Turns out, viewers like myself were much more concerned about the outcome than Maddie. As she revealed on Facebook after last night's episode, she looked around at some of the other contestants in the room and thought "there's no way they can send these people home." She was absolutely right.

Sure we're cheering for Maddie here in Iowa, but we're not alone. Here are a few of the comments on the YouTube posting of her performance last night:

  • "I need this song on iTunes now."
  • "She reminds me so much of the younger Katy (Perry) before her career blew up and she became this iconic legend she is nowadays. Just this girl with a guitar + great songwriting skills. I'm impressed."
  • "Maddie you're someone to remember... I want to listen to you more."
  • "She's SO good!!! Every time she sings it's like she's telling a story. Sure she's gonna make it through."

Tonight, Maddie will be on the show again and she'll sit down with the judges. If she survives tonight, she's on to the live rounds, which means she'll have made the Top 24. My money's on Maddie.

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