It's official. 'American Idol' is making me a nervous wreck! The last two episodes of the ABC show had seen Clarksville, Iowa's Maddie Poppe immediately announced as a member of the Top 10 and then as the night's first performer. Tonight was very different. Maddie's first performance didn't happen until nearly an hour in. The suspense was nearly unbearable!

Maddie's first performance had her showing off yet another skill, playing the piano. She did it beautifully, and her singing... SO GOOD AGAIN! She knocked the 1990 Sinead O'Connor song (written by Prince), "Nothing Compares 2 U," outta the park.

Here's some of what the judges had to say, after giving her a standing ovation:

Lionel Richie: "I just love it when you take and remind us of all the versatility that you have in your wheelhouse. Seeing you at that piano is another dimension of you. I think the audience needs to see that. Congratulations, I loved your vocal performance. It was amazing."

Katy Perry: "Whether you win American Idol or not... (then under her breath) Which I think she's maybe a winner. (back to regular voice) Whether you win or not, I'm still buying tickets to your show."

Luke Bryan: "That was mesmerizing to me. It was just great."

Maddie's second song of the night came from the year she was born, 1997. The Sheryl Crow hit "If It Makes You Happy." I knew before she started to sing that it was the perfect song for her. I was right. She made magic again, this time playing an electric guitar.

Here are some of what the judges had to say after Maddie's second performance:

Lionel Richie: "No matter what happens on this show, know you have a future in this business."

Katy Perry: "You hold your own every time you pick up an instrument. You're a true artist and it's just really exciting to witness you."

Luke Bryan: "I know we get redundant in telling you how wonderful you are."

I may be wrong, but if the American Idol judges were forced to pick the winner tonight, I think they'd choose Maddie Poppe.

ABC's "American Idol" - April 23, 2018 - Arrivals
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

During Sunday night's episode, we learned that all of the Top 7 will be going on tour this summer. Believe it or not, there are ZERO Iowa dates on the tour. You'll have to travel to Omaha, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, St. Louis, or Kansas City to see Maddie. Or, see her when she's in Cedar Rapids Saturday, August 25.

Joining Maddie in the top five are Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Cade Foehner, Gabby Barrett, and Michael J. Woodard.

The above-mentioned tour can wait. Maddie's in the Top 5 and she's bound for Nashville to work with Carrie Underwood for next week's show. This amazing story is about to see another chapter.

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