Happy National Emoji Day! Whether you like it or not, emojis have become a part of our everyday communication. An emoji in a text sometimes describes how we are feeling or thinking better than words. They are so popularly used now that they've trickled onto our clothes, pillows and more!

In honor of today's holiday, Reviews.org took a deeper look at Google trends to determine what emoji each state has Googled the most in the past twelve months. Iowa's favorite is a stinker. It's the 'Pile of Poo' emoji! Yes, that's the real name for it.


When it comes to states that like the poop emoji, the website states the following:

It would be remiss to leave out this little fella. Most emojis have official names that are very descriptive but often miss the point. Not this one—it’s called “Pile of Poo.” Favored by children borrowing smart phones and hungover adults, this iconic emoji wins four states. Hope everything is ok Nevada, Oklahoma, Iowa, and West Virginia.                           -Aaron Gunderson, reviews.org

I would say it could be worse, but...I think this one is probably at the "bottom" (pun intended) of the list.

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