M&M has a new flavor! The latest concoction may make you crave ice cream... If you're a fan of neapolitan ice cream, these could be your new favorite.

Brain and Courtlin are our honorary taste testers around here, so of course we had them sample this new treat and share their thoughts. Oh, and don't worry, the dog in the video's name is Rigby and he sat the taste testing out.

As you can see this was a bit of a change of pace for them compared to Taste Bud Trivia where they have to eat really weird (mostly gross) things. While we're on that topic, if you have any weird food suggestions that you'd like to see brain and Courtlin try out, let us know here!

In case you missed this week's video, check it out below:

Want to see more? You can view all of the Taste Bud Trivia videos HERE. Enjoy (unlike they did)!

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