In honor of the first Hawkeye game of the season coming up tomorrow, we thought it would be fun to spread some Iowa cheer! We found an extra pair of game tickets here at the station, so we decided to give them away. But, we wanted to make sure the winner was deserving. That's why we asked you to send in photos/videos that show off your Hawkeye spirit. We got TONS of submissions, but our randomly selected winner was...

Ashley Rodemeyer!

Ashley Rodemeyer
Ashley Rodemeyer

Congratulations to Ashley, we hope she has an AMAZING time at tomorrow's game!

Babies, crazy outfits, proposals, girls shotgunning beers, dogs, weddings, funerals, even Hawkeye Elvis... those are just some of the entries we received on our Facebook page. Here are a few of our favorite photo submissions from listeners:

Iowans Show Off Their Hawkeye Spirit

If you have Hawkeye spirit, share your favorite photos with us in the comments! GO HAWKS!

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