Every pet owner knows that you don't always call your furry friend by their REAL name!

Happy National Cat Day 2020! It's always a good day to show your pets some love, but if you're a cat owner, you may want to give your feline a little extra attention today.

National Today says that National Cat Day was established back in 2005, and the main purpose behind the holiday is to bring attention to all of the cats in animal shelters that are in need of homes. It's also a good excuse to spoil your kitties.

According to a survey posted on National Today, 44% of people own at least one cat and 14.2% of people consider themselves a "cat person." The survey also revealed that 46% of cat owners tell their cats "I love you" (that number should be WAY higher), and 35% will even go as far as to say that their car is their "best friend."

Unfortunately, I can't have a cat because I'm terribly allergic, but I do love looking at cat photos/videos on the internet! That's one of the reasons that we posed a fun question for cat-owners on Facebook this morning. We asked folks to post their cat's ACTUAL name, and then list off all of their nicknames. This is Brain's cat Cora:


Although her name is Cora, Brain said that they don't always call her that. She's better known as Core, Cor-Cor, and Puma!

Here are some of the other fun responses from listeners on Facebook:

Iowans Share Their Cats Nicknames

Post your cat's photo and nicknames in the comments below!

Pictures are encouraged and could get you featured in an article on our website! Leave a comment by 7 a.m. tomorrow for your chance to win a $25 gift card to Wild Hogs!

Posted by 98.1 KHAK on Thursday, October 29, 2020

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