Even though 2020 will go down in history as one of the worst years ever, some good DID come out of it!

Despite all the derecho, the coronavirus, and all of the other stressful moments last year, if you dig down deep, I'm sure you can recall at least one great moment. Back in March, my friends and I had to cancel our birthday trip to Nashville that was scheduled for May. We had everything planned and paid for, but COVID had other ideas. After getting the refund for our Airbnb, I decided to use that money to adopt a dog. After a couple of weeks of stress and panicking about being responsible for a living creature, Tater became my best friend in the whole world. He's easily the best part of 2020 for me!


We asked listeners on Facebook to share their best moment of 2020, and we got a TON of great responses! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Rachel Manders - "A woman in Alabama did a 23 and Me test, and found out we have the same dad! Now I get a new sister, four nieces and nephews, and two great-nieces and nephews. I even had the chance to meet all of them."
  • Autumn Nichole - "Our 2020 blessing."
Autumn Nichole
  • Becky Baker - "Beat breast cancer!"
Becky Baker
  • Charleen Oligmueller - "My husband usually has to travel a lot for his job. Because of the pandemic, he traveled very little in 2020 - he hasn't been home this much in YEARS and we have loved the time we've had together!"
  • Janelle Schoonover - "New grandson August 8th!"
Janelle Schnoonover
  • Sarah Monk - "Was asked to manage the Jitney in Monticello. Using our COVID downtime to revamp the place. Can't wait to open when we can and see all of our old friends and welcome some new ones!"
  • Melissa Coulter - "Added a new pup to our family!"
Melissa Coulter
  • Andrea Clark - "Wade's (my husband's) surgery went well and has kept his heart healthy. He got out of the hospital Feb.14th, 2020, the greatest Valentine's present ever."
  • Olivia Lynn - "My husband and I added a new puppy to our family and had our first baby."
Olivia Lynn
  • Madyson Newhall - "I married my best friend!"
Madyson Newhall
  • Melanie Holton - "My sweet boy turned one!"
Melanie Holten
  • Traci Luke Nolan - "My son married the best daughter in law we could ask for!"
  • Shellene Hora-Kramer - "I retired!!!"
  • Kayla Moen - "My rainbow baby was born 2 days before lockdown at UIHC and is finally here after 11 years and 5 losses. We also bought a house and got out of our crappy trailer park!"
Kayla Moen

What's the best thing that happened to you last year? Let us know in the comments below!