You can prepare for your wedding all you want, but sometimes the universe has other plans!

This morning on Facebook, we asked listeners to share the biggest wedding disaster they ever witnessed. It could be their own wedding, a wedding they stood up in, or just a wedding they attended as a guest. As you can imagine, the stories are pretty horrifying! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Paula June - "I was a wedding photographer for years and have seen many things. One memory that stands out for me is when a bride had centerpieces on her tables with a goldfish in them for her guests to take home. Some members of her wedding party decided that it would be funny to eat some of the goldfish, and guess who they asked to take the pictures? Needless to say, I included the pictures in the bride's final wedding album. When she saw the photos, she laughed and said, 'I wondered where all the fish disappeared to.'"
  • Cindy Munier McDonald - My son's wedding in March started out with blizzard warnings. 12" of snow and car wrecks all over the place. The venue didn't plow the lot, many of the senior members attending couldn't even get out of their own driveways, and after the reception, where only 1/2 of the wedding guests could get to, we almost didn't get home."
  • Carla Shippy Sankot - "One of our groomsmen split his tuxedo pants bending over to tie his shoes before pictures. The tuxedo shop was two hours away and we couldn't delay the wedding pictures. Bless my grandmother's heart... she ran the pants to her house and sewed them up so he would have them before the wedding. We still took pictures, but he was in his boxer shorts. He is one of the shorter guys in the wedding party, so we had to strategically place him in back while still being able to see him. In some pictures you can see his white hairy legs."
  • Tracy Sites - "My mother use to do wedding cakes. I helped deliver the cake on Saturday morning for a backyard wedding and reception at the bride's parents' house, just to find out the groom called it off the night before and left town."
  • Vicki Johnson Sondag - "My sister lost my husband's ring just before the ceremony. We had to borrow one from his brother. She found it later in her pantyhose..."
  • Brett Waughop - "My sister's wedding was in June, and my wife and I got married the same year in September. My sister and wife got their dresses at the same shop. They decided to keep their dresses at the shop rather than bring them home.... long story short, the dress shop caught on fire and all the dresses were lost in it."
  • Samantha Copeland - "We had an outdoor fall wedding planned, and just like any outdoor weddings, we had a plan for ABC... well, we didn't have a plan for F-U circumstances. So long story short... we had a monsoon that destroyed everything that we set up the night before, day-of we were running around getting the inside rearranged to have the wedding and reception in one area, my hair was a mess due to the humidity, my bustle broke even which caused my strapless dress to sag, I could never keep the wedding party together long enough to tell them how things were gonna go down, and right before wedding pictures, my oldest son thought it would be a good idea to pull out his four front teeth that were loose and rip off all of his buttons on his vest. Also, while moving the deco lights to different location, my uncle electrocuted himself."
  • Tyler Dickenson - "At our wedding reception, a ceiling vent fell and hit my wife’s cousin in the head. She spent the rest of the reception holding a bag of ice on her head. Thankfully she was okay!"
  • Lisa York-Godwin - "The ex-girlfriend came to my wedding and he invited her! We are still married, but even after 37 years I still bring it up."
  • Rachel Manders - "I went to a wedding where the priest said the bride’s ex-boyfriend’s name instead of the groom’s name when they were exchanging vows. That was actually kind of funny."
  • Jade Dix - "I was at a beautiful wedding, and the reception was fun until the groom broke his ankle in the middle of the dance floor, had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital, passed out from all the pain, woke up delusional, and tried to hulk his way off the bed. Crazy!"
  • Angie Wagner Lopez - "At my cousin's wedding, the bride went to blow out their unity candle and she got too close to it and her hair caught on fire. The groom quickly patted her hair and got it out, but the entire church smelled like singed hair."
  • Tonya Grim - "Went to a wedding where the pastor had a heart attack. The bride, who was a nurse, ended up giving him CPR. We had to wait almost 2 hours for another pastor to come in."
  • Lisa Flockhart - "We hired a professional wedding photographer from Mt Vernon. However, the photographer lost our negatives, so we never got wedding pics."

Do you have a wedding disaster to share? Let us know in the comments!

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