Kids really do say the darndest things!

Last night I was scrolling through Facebook, when I came across a post from a friend of mine named Brian. He told a funny story about his young daughter, which inspired a very interesting topic of conversation. The post read:

"I am combing through Avery’s hair and I am having a little bit of a hard time. I sprayed some detangler in it, and it was starting to work. Avery then told me that the left side of her head is probably the problem, and the right side was easier because she is right-handed and probably right haired too!"

Kids see the world through a totally different lens, so it's always hilarious to hear some of their questions and explanations. We like to call it "little kid logic!" We took to Facebook today to ask parents about their best "little kid logic" stories, and they did NOT disappoint! Here are some of our favorite comments:

  • Jane Frasher - "Just before my son turned five, he was very concerned about what was going to happen to his forehead. He wondered how his four head would turn into a fivehead."
  • Kelsey Bumsted - "the first time at a waterpark when my son was very small he asked if he had to wear his water shoes or his flip-flops and I told him no he could just go barefoot and he said I don't have bare feet I have kid feet"
  • Raiann Ashley - "When my daughter was 3 we did a lot of walking at an amusement park asked her if she was tired she said no her feet just need new batteries"
  • Janda Wilden - "When my youngest son, Reid, was 4, he learned that his older brother Luke’s name was actually Lucas. I explained that Lucas is his given name, but we call him Luke as a nickname. He pondered that for a moment and then asked, 'Am I Reidus?'"
  • Amy Kurk Fontinel - "My youngest son asked me when he was little how a porcupine gets its 'porcs'"
  • Amy Vernon - "My son and I were sharing some Mexican rice and I said, 'Los Agaves really does have the best Mexican rice.' In turn, tells me, 'and Taste of China has the best China rice.'"
  • Denise Welsh Pavlovec - "My daughter asked if we could eat summer sausage in the winter time."
  • Rod Cooling - "Oldest daughter was about 5... we're sitting at McDonald's and she says, 'Hey dad, how bout we take the seeds off our buns and plant a cheeseburger tree.'"
  • Claire Rathje - "While playing Mario Kart with my then 3-year-old son, I obviously finished the race before him and he said, 'I didn’t lose, I just get to play longer.' He had a point"
  • Shawn Albert - "Daughter was young and it was drizzling rain, fog kind of hanging around. She says, 'Looks a little creamy out today.' The other classic was when she'd fart (again very young) she'd say, 'Oops, I burped in my panties'"
  • Celia Marie Van Alst - "When my son was about 4 he was found at daycare peeling the crust off of his sandwich, breaking it into pieces and putting it in his salad. When asked what he was doing, he said 'I'm making croutons.'"
  • Jennifer Fett Webber - "Getting my son dressed for a t-ball game I told him he needed to bring along sweatpants & sweatshirt! I told him it will get much cooler when the sun goes down, and without missing a beat he said, 'but Mom, Kenny Chesney says everything gets hotter when the sun goes down!'"
  • Buffy Clark - "My son once asked me if the Great Wall of China was made out of plates..."

If you have a humorous "little kid logic" story, share it with us in the comments below!

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