Happy National Dog Day 2020!

We may not be able to celebrate most holidays like we normally do thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but National Dog Day remains unchanged! There are SO many ways you can celebrate your adorable pups today. Lots of treats, a trip to Petsmart, a new toy, or extra snuggles are all good options. The only thing I wouldn't recommend is a long walk because it's going to be horribly hot today!

I adopted my dog Tater Tot back in March at the start of the pandemic, and he's been living the good life ever since! I have spent SO much money on this dog in the last five months, it's not even funny. I can't go to the store without bringing him back new toys or treats, and it doesn't help that his monthly medications cost me over $100. It's ok, though, because he's worth every penny! Just look at this cute little face:


Tater's name wasn't always Tater. When I adopted him his name was Wade. I don't know why that was the choice, but to me, he just didn't look like a Wade. I knew I wanted to name him after one of my favorite foods, but it took me a few tries before I settled on Tater Tot (Nugget and Nacho were other strong contenders). I think it suits him perfectly!

We asked listeners today to share photos of their dogs and tell us the stories behind their names, and we had HUNDREDS of comments! Here are a few of our favorites:

Iowans Introduce Their Pups for National Dog Day 2020

Feel free to show off your pup to us in the comments!

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