Around nine Iowans are currently in California helping victims of the horrendous wildfires. They are all volunteers with the Iowa Chapter of the American Red Cross. Workers say that the volunteers have been able to adapt quickly as the fires remain unpredictable.

Most of the volunteers are 100 miles or more from the fires themselves. The Iowa volunteers are helping mainly with shelter needs as thousands of people have lost their homes in the wildfires. Other Iowans are working on reuniting family members who may have become separated in the chaos.

The latest Iowans to help left on Tuesday morning. Several more are expected to depart for California on Friday. It's impossible not to look at the images coming out of California and feel a bit helpless. But you can help the victims of these horrific fires too. Donate whatever you can to wildfire relief with The American Red Cross.


[via KCRG]

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