We're all spending a lot more time at home these days. Even if you still work outside your home, you're not exactly able to go out and party it up... So, chances are you've made some new choices about ways to gussy up your home.

That's likely why according to the New York Post, we're buying houseplants like crazy!

But are we all capable of keeping our house pals alive? Or are they destined to wither and die? A new survey from YouGov has found that for roughly half of us, the plants odds not too good. Sorry, succulents!

30% of us admitted we're bad at keeping plants alive, while 13% weren't even sure. Thus, there's 43% who are not too confident, I guess. That likely means that all throughout the Cedar Valley, there's plants screaming (silently) for more TLC. I know I, for one, am not good at keeping anything green and growing alive. When do you add the Miracle-Gro again?

Gender wise, Men and women were equally likely to say they have a green thumb. Hey, wash those hands! Oh wait, I get it...

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