The Iowa Senate is working on legislation that would raise the legal age to 21 for sale and use of tobacco and vape products.

Current Iowa law restricts the sale and use of those products to those over age 18, however there are 11 other states that have already raised the age limit minimum to 21.

Some critics of the bill say there are better ways to fight the rising use of nicotine products by young adults. Some call it a "vaping epidemic" and worry about possible unknown health risks associated with vaping products.

The Gazette reports "a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network said a more-effective approach would be to bring parity to current state regulations by defining e-cigarettes and vaping products the same as tobacco products — making them subject to similar taxation beyond just the sales tax and including them under Iowa’s Clean Indoor Air Act."

You can click here to find out more about the progress of this bill.

[source: Gazette]

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