Sharane Calister is officially SAFE until next week on NBC's 'The Voice!' The Des Moines native was saved last week by Team Adam after losing her knockout, but she's definitely redeemed herself this week. Sharane was among the 24 performers on Monday night's episode, and she was the ONLY contestant to be saved from Team Adam. That means she got the most votes out of anyone on her team! After you see her performance, you'll understand why:

Sharane is easily one of my favorite singers this season, but not just because she's from Iowa. Her tone and her range are out of this world, and she seems to have a really good grasp on how to use her talent to the fullest extent.

The other singers that will be moving on to the next round include Brynn Cartelli from Team Kelly, Britton Buchanan from Team Alicia, and Kyla Jade from Team Blake.

Last night we saw the remaining contestants from Team Blake and Team Alicia perform for your vote, and tonight we will see the same from Team Adam and Team Kelly. At the end of tonight's bonus episode, two contestants will be saved from each team and we will finally have our top 12.

Make sure to tune in tonight at 7 on NBC to see the top 12 reveal, and don't forget that you can vote using The Voice Official App or Twitter.

Here are a few of my other favorite performances so far this week:

Who are your favorite contestants this season? Share yours in the comments!

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