It's been an extremely wet week all across the Hawkeye state, but one of the worst-hit areas is northwest Iowa. This morning, the situation got even worse when a train derailed, leaking crude oil into the Rock River. The derailment and spill occurred near the Sioux County/Lyon County line in extreme northwest Iowa.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Lyon County Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep told the Sioux City Journal,

There is some oil leaking, at this point don't know how serious it is. Don't know if it's minor or it's huge. I can smell it, we're a mile and a half away, and I can smell it in the air.

A number of area residences were evacuated after the derailment which was captured via this drone video posted on the Sioux County Sheriff Facebook page. The video is below and can also be watched HERE.

The Sioux County Sheriff posted another video showing the extent of the flooding last night. You can view that below or HERE.

A dry weekend is ahead and all of Iowa is thankful for that.

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