A new study shows that the number of beautiful days in Iowa will be declining.

Princeton University and scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have bad news for Iowans. The number of days with temps ranging from 64 to 86 degrees, dew points under 68 degrees, and less than .50 of rain, will be going down. Currently, Iowa averages 74 of those types of days per year. Within 20 years, it will drop to 70 and in just over 60 years, it will lower to 64 days.

Why the change? It's mostly the heat and the humidity, but possibly more rainfall in our future. An analysis for Cedar Rapids itself puts the number of 'nice' days at 76. It's forecast to drop by 10 days by the last 20 years of this century. Still, it could be worse. The tropics could lose nearly two MONTHS of those types of days by the turn of the 22nd century.

Gene Takle, Iowa State University climate scientist, told the Gazette, "Humidity is what’s going to get us here in Iowa.”

However, there are at least two places in the U.S. where things will actually improve. Los Angeles, which has 157 great days already, and San Diego, currently at 180, will get even more. That, simply isn't fair.

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