An eastern Iowa teenager ended up in intensive care at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics after taking on a viral challenge on the internet.

The "Kiki Challenge," involves jumping out of a moving vehicle, dancing to a song by pop superstar Drake and then hopping back into the vehicle, while it's still moving. Thousands of such videos have been posted online but 18-year-old Anna Worden of Bettendorf wants to warn parents, and her peers, about what can happen.

Monday, July 23, Anna was driving around Bettendorf with friends when she had an idea. She told WQAD,

We were over by the round-about, and I thought it would be a fun idea to do the Kiki Challenge.

It was the worst idea Anna has had in her life as she recounts what, she believes, happened:

I tried, and the last thing I remember was opening the door. So apparently I got out and tripped and fell and hit my head.

Unconscious, Anna was airlifted to Iowa City with a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, and blood clots in one ear. Since then, she's been recovering and learning to walk again.

Anna was released from the hospital earlier this week and will continue with physical therapy. Despite her injuries, Anna was lucky and issues this warning to fellow teenagers and parents here in Iowa, and around the country:

Be more careful about the challenges and fads that are going around. It may seem fun, and it may seem easy, but at the same too, they could be so dangerous.

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