They're going to bring the house down in Ames next week, one way or another.

ESPN brings the GameDay crew to town for the first time ever, to cover this season's edition of the "Cy-Hawk" game, Iowa vs. Iowa State.

It's a possibility that's been talked about for several months, but it's becoming reality based on a couple of factors. Both teams are currently ranked, which is historic enough in itself, with Iowa at #20 and ISU at 25. They're also both coming off big wins to start the season. Big Ten vs. Big 12 makes it a clash of "Power 5" conference teams.

Also, heading to Syracuse for their game against top-ranked Clemson next Saturday became less desirable for ESPN after Syracuse fell on their face against Maryland this weekend.

Now, the game itself is currently scheduled to air on FS1, with kick at 3 p.m. but the ESPN crew featuring Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, Desmond Howard, and Rece Davis just couldn't pass up the chance to be surrounded by the electric atmosphere that will light up Jack Trice Stadium for their pregame previews, discussion, and predictions of all the weekend's action.

Corso will add to the intrigue and drama as we await to see whose mascot head he puts on to pick the winner.

It's going to an exciting day in Iowa next Saturday.

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