Many students are rejoicing as the school year just got a little shorter.

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According to KCRGCedar Rapids Community School District and College Community School District will end their year on Friday, June 4. Now another area school will do the same. The Linn-Mar school board just voted to end their school year on June 4, which is three days earlier than the original date of Wednesday, June 9. This is also great news for some Marion students and parents who were wanting the year to end early.

How Can Cedar Rapids Schools End the Year Early?

KCRG reports that according to Linn-Mar Superintendent Shannon Bisgard, schools can do this due to a waiver that was granted after the derecho. It allows schools that suffered damages to excuse up to 10 class days.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Ending the School Year Early?

Ending the school year early would help the district get a head start on various construction projects. Plus, kids would happy with the early start to summer. Cons to ending a little early are that some parents will have to find childcare for those days. The good news is that parents have a two-week heads up to find care for their kids.

What do you think about the schools ending the year a few days early? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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