Late starts and cancellations for school districts have always been boring but not anymore, thanks to Brent Hoesing. He's the superintendent for an Iowa school district I bet many of you have never heard of.

Hoesing is in charge of the Missouri Valley Community School district in the town of Missouri Valley, just east of I-29 and north of I-80 in extreme western Iowa. He's started a tradition of creating videos to make these, once boring announcements. I'm not sure Brent should give up school administration for a career as a rapper, however, it's abundantly clear from these videos that this guy can sing.

Hoesing has been in his position as Missouri Valley's superintendent for only about seven months. He told Enterprisepub when he was hired,

My dad has been a superintendent for 23 years and my brother is a superintendent. It is something that has always been in the family because we like to find ways to impact the largest number of students.

I don't know how well Hoesing is doing his job overall, but if these videos are any indication, I bet he's well liked by the kids.

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