2017 is a year the people of Seymour, Iowa are going to want to forget. On March 6, a tornado hit the town in extreme south central Iowa. The school was among the properties damaged. Two gyms were destroyed and much of the school suffered heavy damage.

Six months later, it's man-made damage that has the residents of the small town absolutely furious. A post to the school's Facebook page shows deep tire tracks on the school's football field, and not just a few.

I automatically blame teens. That may not be fair, but adults would use better judgment than this, right? Then again, I would've NEVER considered doing something like this to the football field in the small town I grew up in (Sigourney). We were proud of our school and where we played our games. I know, undoubtedly, everyone in Seymour feels the same way. Almost everyone... sadly.

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