It looks like the state of Iowa has some work to do when it comes to hospital safety. A non-profit group who grades hospitals twice a year ranked Iowa at 42nd in the nation when it came to safety issues like errors, injuries, accidents, and infections.

Only one hospital in Eastern Iowa received an 'A' grade in the study. That was Mercy Hosptial of Iowa City. Other grades for area hospitals include a C for University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, a C for Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids, a B for St. Lukes Hospital in Cedar Rapids, a C for both Allen Hospital and Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo. The worst grade in Eastern Iowa went to Satori Memorial Hospital in Cedar Falls, who received a D. 

The state with the best-ranked hospitals was Oregon. Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware, North Dakota, and Washington D.C. all tied for the worst. To see how each state ranked, click HERE.

To see how all the hospitals in Iowa graded out, you can click HERE.


[via CBS2]

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