Excitement for The Big Game is reaching new heights. No, not the game in Minneapolis. We're talking about The Puppy Bowl! While the Patriots and Eagles battle on Sunday, adorable puppies will take to a different field in the annual event televised by Animal Planet. And the game will feature no fewer than 11 puppies from Iowa!

The game will feature numerous dogs from AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport out of De Soto, Iowa. The company was founded by Amy Heinz back in 2008 and have foster and rescued over 10,000 dogs. In 2012 a producer from Animal Planet saw one of her dogs online and asked if she had any more that would be active and lovable on TV. Their relationship continues six years later.

All 11 puppies that appear on TV from AHeinz57 on Sunday have already been adopted, but you can learn more about those that still need homes at AHeinzbuild.org.


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