Earlier this month, police in Des Moines were called to an apartment complex because a man (and I shudder when I type this) had reportedly snapped the neck of a three-month-old puppy. WHO reports it was a (above) chihhuahua mix. Meanwhile, KCCI says it was a Corgi (below). Either way, it's one of the most horrific stories ever

Second Day Of Crufts 2015
Carl Livingston, Getty Images

Police say that on July 6, Larry Gray received an unexpected visit to his apartment from 25-year-old Christopher David Vogel. The two, who knew each other, got into a verbal argument about the use of Gray's wi-fi. According to a police report, Vogel then said he'd snap the neck of Gray's girlfriend's dog. He then grabbed the dog and took it to the hallway. Gray, disabled, reportedly found the dog in the hallway. It was whimpering and bleeding from the nose. The dog had suffered major trauma to its spine. It was going to be put down but died before a veterinarian could even do it.

Des Moines Police Sergeant Ryan Doty called it the worst animal abuse case in five years. Now, two action steps.

Police need help finding this man who, if guilty of what he's accused of, is pond scum. Period. Anyone who has information should call Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa at 515-223-1400.

The other thing is that, by Iowa law, Vogel would only face a misdemeanor. There needs to be changes. There MUST be changes.

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