This one is for all of you LARPers, Pokemon Go-ers, and Star Wars fans out there. AT&T's All Home Connection team complied data to determine the geekiest states in the United States. According to the report, they ranked all of the 50 states based on the following three key metrics:

  • Geeky Interest Rank- the number of people with interests in things like Anime, Cosplay, Harry Potter, etc.
  • Nerd Retailer Rank  - the number of pop culture conventions, comic book stores, video game retailers, etc.
  • High Speed Internet Rank- percentage of household with access to the internet.

Iowa fell somewhere in the middle at #29!

The state that came in at #1, ranking high for "access to internet, interest in geek culture, and multiple nerd retailer stores and conventions" was New Hampshire. The least nerdiest state was Mississippi (despite their nerdy saying to spell their state...M-ISS-ISS-I-PP-I).

If being nerdy means having more access to internet, games, conventions, movies like Star Wars or Harry Potter and shows like Game of Thrones...well then it's pretty good to be a geek!

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