Iowa is on track to end the year with the fewest number of traffic fatalities in the state's history. Excluding the years during World War 2, 2013 holds the record for the safest year on Iowa roads. 317 people lost their lives on Iowa roadways that year. On Tuesday, this year's death toll hit 300.

Iowa State Patrol officials say that this December is tracking to be one of the safest ever. Technology has something to do with that. Many cars now come with safety features like lane sensors and automatic braking. You can also thank the weather. After a cold and icy November, the month of December has gone easy on most of the state with little ice and snow to speak of.

The State Patrol also believes a new law has something to do with the lower fatality numbers. Officers are now allowed to pull people over for texting and driving without having to cite another violation as the reason for pulling them over. More drivers seem to have gotten the message about distracted driving.

Iowa's goal has been to get traffic fatalities below 300 for the year. That won't happen in 2018, but the progress being made means we might not be so far off.


[via KCRG]

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