An Iowa native who is on trial for the murder of a 24-year-old woman, had an outburst in the courtroom when he cut his own throat.

The Daily Beast reports that Aubrey Trail, 51, is the Iowa native on trial for the first-degree murder of Sydney Loofe, 24, in Nebraska. Trail allegedly lured the woman on a Tinder date, ultimately taking her life. Loofe went missing for 19 days after the date and her body was found in December of 2017 in "garbage bags scattered among ditches and farm fields in rural Nebraska". Trail's girlfriend Bailey Boswell, 24, has been accused of helping kill and dismember Loofe, according to KCCI.

After a witness was sworn in, Trail reportedly shouted "Bailey is innocent, I curse you all!" and then attempted to take his life, KCCI says. It's not clear what Trail cut his throat with, but according to courtroom reports, he appeared pale and was unresponsive as deputies rushed to him.

If convicted, both Trail and Boswell face the death penalty. Read more on the story here and see video on of the outburst.

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