A mother and son from Iowa sat in a courtroom in Washington D.C. this week, facing charges related to the January 6th riot. Just minutes before their trial was set to start, this mom said 'enough'.

KCRG reports that 56-year-old Deborah Sandoval of Des Moines decided at the last minute to plead guilty and avoid a trial. She pleaded guilty to a charge of entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds. That single charge carries with it a maximum sentence of one year in prison, supervised release of no more than one year, and up to a $100,000 fine plus restitution, according to KCRG. Deborah Sandoval admitted to entering the Capitol, and in fact, TVs inside the building showed her there.

Not only was Deborah Sandoval caught on tape, she was also heard making threats against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She also posted about her experiences on social media saying 'we stormed the Capitol' in several messages, according to KCRG. Sandoval's son Salvador continued on with his bench trial. He faces 12 total charges, six felonies, and six misdemeanors. Salvador Sandoval is accused of assaulting four police officers during his 15 minutes inside the Capitol, according to KCRG. He is claiming that he is innocent relating to the charges of assaulting police.

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