An Iowa man who told his parents at an early age he was going to work for Disney, did just that. Tonight, he walked away with an Oscar in a major category.

Glenwood, Iowa native Don Hall has been working for Disney for nearly 20 years, after getting his bachelor of fine arts degree in drawing and painting from the University of Iowa. Before landing his job with Disney, he worked for a bank in Glenwood and did paintings on sheds at the request of his boss, who was a big Grant Wood fan. Hall's parents still live in his hometown.

Tonight, Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, along with producer Roy Conli, were honored for their work in "Big Hero 6." The movie won tonight's Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. It was Hall's first Oscar.

Here's one of the trailers for the movie, which is currently showing at Collins Road Theatres in Cedar Rapids:

In this video, Hall talks about his love of animation & Marvel Comics:


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