Just a typical day out here in Iowa...taking a drive to Dairy Queen with a cow. THIS IS NO BIG DEAL! Last week we introduced you to this iconic Midwestern duo, and it turns out they have even more adventures to share with us!

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This hilarious video of an Iowan farmer taking his cow for a drive went viral, and it turns out the Tik Tok team is closer than we thought. Mason, the man in the video is from Jesup, and his bovine friend is named Gucci.

They've now made quite a few videos together, but one of their latest adventures has exploded on the social video sharing platform.

Mason Corkery via Tik Tok
Mason Corkery via Tik Tok

This time, Mason decided our favorite dairy queen to THE Dairy Queen. In the video, Mason asks the drive-thru worker if they have any "pup cups" and as they're waiting for their order, chaos ensues.

Gucci is in the same spot as last time, essentially sitting shotgun as he starts to lick the Iowa farmer's face. Mason fires back and licks Gucci's nose.

The best part of the entire video is when they pull up to the drive-thru window, and the Dairy Queen worker sees the pair of them. You can hear them try to keep their cool and act professional, but who wouldn't crack up at this hilarious sight?

Mason Corkery via Tik Tok
Mason Corkery via Tik Tok

Mason Corkery has more than a hundred thousand followers on Tik Tok. The majority of his most viral adventures include the hilarious Gucci. This video of them going to Dairy Queen currently has more than five million views.

You can check out this video down below!

@iowacholodocRepost because I think we can do better 😄 #gucciherd #cowtok #dairyqueen #iowa♬ original sound - Mason Corkery

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