A senseless crime has left three central Iowa kids without a father.

It happened Friday evening at around 10:30, according to WHO. 41-year-old Stephen Pausuan Kim of Des Moines was sitting in a vehicle in an apartment complex parking lot on University Avenue. His three children, all under age nine, were also inside the vehicle. The four were waiting on Kim's wife, and the children's mother, to return from work. The parking lot was her carpool lot.

Des Moines Police Sergeant Paul Parizek says authorities believe the vehicle was approached by four people who attempted to rob Kim, before shooting and killing him. During a press conference, Parizek said,

"They essentially executed him in front of his kids... Mr. Kim had done nothing wrong. He wasn't involved in anything. He wasn't involved in drugs. He wasn't involved in any kind of criminal activity, that we can determine, in his past."

Parizek also spoke about how the department feels about these type of crimes:

"Like I said, you really wanna fire us up, you do something to someone in front of their kids and bring that kind of trauma on those poor children and we're not going to rest until we find them."

There are no suspects in Kim's murder. It's Des Moines' 11th homicide of 2017. There were a total of 13 in 2016.

[via WHO]

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