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Here's a story that will really make your blood boil. It has to do with animal cruelty, something I will never understand.

The latest case of animal abuse comes out of Waterloo. According to The Courier, 28-year-old Wynston Trevon Bailey was taken into custody on "suspicion of animal neglect causing death" after animal control officers found a husky/pit bull mix dead.

The dog was found in a wire crate inside Bailey's garage. It appeared to have been starved to death. The report states that Bailey told investigators that he first fed the dog table scraps because he ran out of money to buy dog food, and that when he did buy dog food, that the dog wouldn't eat it. Officials said that the dog was eating a blanket inside the crate. That was proven as scraps were found in the dog's stomach and in feces inside the cage.

The Courier report states that the "necropsy found that the dog died of malnutrition and starvation." There's no word yet on Bailey's charges.

Luckily not every animal abuse case ends this way. We've already seen some animal abuse cases this year that have led to arrests and happy endings for the pups. For example, earlier this month a Cedar Rapids man was arrested for abusing a 12-week-old puppy that suffered serious injuries including fractures. Jayden D. Cliff, a 22-year-old from Cedar Rapids, was charged with Animal Abuse Causing Serious Injury, which is an aggravated misdemeanor. Authorities say he was accused of grabbing the puppy, throwing it to the ground and then kicking the dog. The puppy is recovering nicely, and going to be adopted.

Back in February there Zac Brooks of Waukee lost his dog Echo after video leaked of him dragging Echo back in the house by her collar. The public uproar led to Dallas County Attorney Chuck Sinnard filing a petition for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever to be returned to her breeder.

We also have caring cops out there like Cedar Rapids officer Christopher J. Collins who are persistent in charging animal abusers. Earlier this month, Collins was awarded with the 2021 Humane Law Enforcement Award from the Humane Society of the United States for leading an investigation, that resulted in an arrest and animal neglect charges involving a German shepherd.

Seeing animal abuse cases are heartbreaking. If you can't care for your pet, there are SO MANY resources in the area that are there to help such as local shelters. It's just an online search away. There is no excuse for animal neglect and abuse.

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