The first day of fall is Monday, September 23 and the closer we get to the fall season, the closer we get to the spooky season. With Halloween right around the corner, we're seeing all of the scary decorations on store shelves, scary movies in theaters, and spooky shows on TV.

One of those spooky shows is going to feature a creepy, "haunted" Iowa jail. The Daily Nonpareil reports that the Travel Channel will feature Squirrel Cage Jail on its popular show "Ghost Adventures" as part of Ghostober. The former jail, now museum, in Council Bluffs is going to be part of a four-part mini-series titled "Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits". The series will show the "crew exploring haunted locations that are associated with infamous serial killers and 'seek to document whether malicious energy has been left behind by sadistic killers and their evil acts', according to a press release from the show."

Squirrel Cage Jail served as the Pottawattamie County Jail from September 1885 until December 1969, according to the former jail's Facebook page. During that time, the Daily Nonpareil reports the jail housed infamous killer, Jake Bird. Bird was supposedly one of the first serial killers in the country, and after attacking a Carter Lake couple with an ax in 1925, he found himself behind these bars. He was eventually shipped to the state penitentiary in Fort Madison and in the late 1940s the Indiana drifter confessed to killing 44 people around the country. Today, many people have reported having disturbing experiences in the building.

This jail is also unique in that their Facebook Page claims it is the only three-story revolving (“squirrel cage”, "human rotary", or "lazy Susan") jail built out of 18 others with this design. And it's one of only three that remain. The design features three floors of revolving pie-shaped cells inside a cage. The point of the design was so that prisoners could be controlled without personal contact between them and the jailer.


Are you spooked yet? The series airs on October 5 and will be on every Saturday throughout the month. The Daily Nonpareil reports that a producer of the show stated that the "episode featuring the Squirrel Cage Jail will premiere October 19". But, that date could change. Get your popcorn ready people...and maybe a blanket to hide under.

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