Right now it may seem like a stretch. But if you ask officials with Iowa's three public universities, they want students back on campus for fall classes. How will that happen? KCRG TV reports that officials aren't quite sure yet, but are working on plans as we speak.

Iowa Board of Regents President Mike Richards said that the schools will follow all state and federal guidelines to protect the health of thousands of students who would be returning to the campuses of Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI this fall. Right now those campus locations remain vacant as all the schools have canceled classes and activities for the summer.

What will things look like in Iowa when classes resume in August? Right now coronavirus cases in the state continue to rise. Health officials said on Sunday that there were 384 new confirmed cases in Iowa, bringing the state total to 5,476. Officials say that number is likely much higher as the number of tests available in the state is still far from what is needed.


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