Ain't no laws when you're drinking Claws!

If you live in Iowa and you absolutely love drinking White Claw, you're not alone! According to an article from WKYC in Ohio, Iowa is number four on the list of states where the beverage is most popular. 200,000 tweets were used to determine the rankings, with only Ohio, Missouri, and Tennessee beating us for the top spot. Six out of the top ten are Midwest states, proving just how popular the hard seltzer is this part of the county.

I do have some bad news for White Claw drinkers, though. Apparently, the beverage has become so popular that there is now a shortage! Business Insider reports that White Claw has seen triple-digit sales growth within the past year, which means that they have become behind on production, and they don't know when they will able to meet the demand. The article states:

"The company, which is owned by Mark Anthony Brands, the maker of Mike's Hard Lemonade, declined to provide a timeline for when production was expected to meet demand and inventory levels would normalize."

Luckily, there are PLENTY of other options now when it comes to hard seltzers. My personal favorite is Press, but Truly, Natural Light, Smirnoff, and Henry's has some available, too! Check out a full list of the best ones HERE.

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