A new study by WalletHub ranked all 50 states based on how safe they are to live, and (thankfully) Iowa ranked on the safe side!

When I moved to Iowa, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had only been here one time prior, and I hadn't even seen my apartment building until the day I moved in. Luckily, Iowa is a pretty safe place. I absolutely love my neighborhood, and I've never once felt like I was in any danger.

On WalletHub's new list of the 'Safest States in America,' Iowa came in at #18! Their analysts looked at 37 key safety indicators for each state, which they then grouped into five categories. Iowa received an overall score of 54.03, and came in 5th for 'Personal and Residential Safety,' and 8th for 'Financial Safety.' What brought us down was our ranking for 'Emergency Preparedness.' We came in at number 48 out of all 50 states. Ouch!

The top three safest states in the country are over on the east coast: Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. The least-safe states are all in the south: Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Check out the rest of the rankings HERE.

[Via WalletHub]

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