According to the USDA: In the wild world of hog farming, Iowa reigns supreme, churning out nearly 50 million squealers annually. But don't be fooled by all the oinks and snouts—there's drama brewing in the barnyard. 

California laws are impacting Iowa

Out in California, they've outlawed gestation crates for hogs, claiming it's better for the pigs but worse for their producers' wallets. Now, according to the Farm Action folks, this decision has sent shockwaves all the way to Iowa, where they're feeling the squeeze just as much as a snug pair of overalls after Thanksgiving. 

Joe Maxwell, the chief strategist at Farm Action, isn't mincing words either. He's pointing fingers faster than a rooster crows at sunrise, blaming big meat producers for hiking up prices faster than a bucking bronco at a rodeo. Apparently, they're using everything from supply chain woes to inflated demand as excuses. The audacity! 

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And get this—despite Iowa hog farmers cranking out pigs like it's a factory line (at a loss, mind you), the prices keep skyrocketing. It's enough to make a piglet squeal in disbelief. 


Is there anything that can be done?

Farm Action, not one to sit on their hay bales, previously took on the egg industry when prices went egg-stremely high post-pandemic. They even threw shade at the Federal Trade Commission, demanding an investigation faster than you can fry up a sunny-side-up. 

But the real kicker? These corporate meat moguls allegedly wield more control than a rancher rounding up cattle at sunset. They've got the farmers in a lasso tighter than a cowboy's grip, all while blaming inflation and sickly animals. 

So, buckle up, folks. The hog rodeo ain't over 'til the fat pig sings, and right now, it's a whole lot of snorting, squeezing, and squealing in the barns of Iowa. 

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