The Nevada, Iowa, boys basketball team opened its season on Tuesday night with a 25-point victory on the road at Carlisle, but it was what happened after the game that is going viral.

As the two teams exchanged ‘Good Sportsmanship’ handshakes on the sidelines of Carlisle’s gymnasium, a Wildcats player wound up and punched a Nevada player twice, once in the stomach and once in the face. The Nevada player fell back into a teammate, who then wrestled the Carlisle player to the ground.

The video that has been making the rounds online, shows the fight lasting nine seconds, and there is no indication of why the fight started. The video ends with the Carlisle player on the ground and players from both teams trying to break up the fight.

It appears that the Carlisle player is wearing Jersey #4 in the video, which would be 5’8” senior Carter Prenosil, according to the team’s roster. It also appears that the player being attacked was 6’4” senior, Ty Dittmer.

TMZ reports that they spoke with Nevada’s Superintendent, Dr. Steve Gray, and he said that the player who was attacked is doing alright. TMZ also says that the Carlisle Police Department is investigating. An officer was in the gymnasium during the game, but the player was not arrested.

It’s unclear was led to the attack. We’ll have more information once it is available.

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