You'll have to excuse us Iowans, we're pretty proud of the new tradition at Kinnick Stadium. The "Kinnick Wave," "Iowa wave," or whatever you want to call it, is nothing short of magical.

The "wave" has been featured on seemingly every network, including this beautiful piece from ESPN. Yes, Iowa fans waving to the kids at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital is a tradition that will never, ever end. It makes the fans feel good, but it does so much more for those inside the walls of the hospital. THAT is what makes it so beautiful, and important.

It all started Labor Day weekend at Kinnick (below), and now that simple gesture is receiving an award.

The Iowa football program and, let's be honest, its fans, are going to receive the Disney Sports Spirit Award from the Walt Disney World Resort. KWQC reports Disney gives the award to the most inspirational figure in college football each year. In 2017, that was about 70,000 different people on seven different home football Saturday's. Sorry, my mistake. That's 70,000 fans, the Iowa coaches and team, the opposing team, and countless people sitting in front of their televisions watching the game.

The Disney Sports Spirit Award will be presented to the University of Iowa football team Thursday, December 7 during ESPN's Home Depot College Football Awards Show. While it will undoubtedly be a great moment, it simply can't compare to the actual wave which brings tears to my eyes. Every. Single. Time.

[via KWQC]

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