Apparently, Iowa is a great state to get married in!

A new study took a look at all the states in the US and found out what each of them are best at. Iowa's claim to fame is its very low divorce rate! On the other hand, Nevada has the WORST divorce rate (not surprising). I also took a look at my home state of Michigan, and the state is best at... having lighthouses! Michigan has more lighthouses than all the other states. Not really something to be super proud of, but we'll take it!

Here are some other interesting ones on the list:

  • Montana - Longest cat lifespans
  • Washington - Bicycle-friendliest
  • Hawaii - Least likely to collide with a deer
  • Maryland - Fewest accidental deaths
  • Idaho - Cheapest groceries

See the full list HERE!

There is also a list of the WORST things about each state. See that one HERE.

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