Iowa LOVES Maddie Poppe. No, Iowa REALLY LOVES Maddie Poppe. The Clarksville, Iowa native had her hometown visit today ahead of this weekend's 2-part finale of 'American Idol' on ABC. Maddie, one of the final three contestants on the show, was astounded by what she saw in Clarksville.

And that was early in the day. Yes, Maddie, Iowa was ready and very excited to welcome you home:

Did I mention excited? Just watch this:

It was quite a day in Clarksville where the mayor officially proclaimed it 'Maddie Poppe Day.' Becky Stovie took the pictures below and tells me Maddie said she'd always wanted a holiday and joked that the kids could have the day off from school.

Becky Stovie via Facebook
Becky Stovie via Facebook
Becky Stovie via Facebook

All over Clarksville, signs of the community's love for their hometown girl are evident. Thanks to Lisa Lawrence for providing all these pictures:

The parade in her honor drew fans from all over. Notice the sign in this picture that says 'Council Bluffs.'

Lisa Lawrence via Facebook

The concert at the Butler County Fairgrounds in Allison? This tweet pretty much says it all.

If that doesn't explain it, this photo definitely does. It really does look like all of Butler County was there.

Yes, it was a day Maddie Poppe will never forget. Neither will a whole lot of other people. Now, remember to vote Sunday night and make Maddie's dream reach its peak.