The lowering of our flag to half-staff or mast is an honor reserved for the most solemn of occasions. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has ordered that all flags on government property be lowered today, Thursday, September 27th, 2018, in honor of a fallen Marine from Davenport, Iowa.

Lance Cpl. John D. Killen III died while serving in the Vietnam War more than 50 years ago. He and three other Marines went missing in action after their helicopter was shot down on June 30th, 1967. Flash forward to March of 2017. That's when Killen's remains along with the two other Marines, were identified and returned to the United States.

Killen, along with fellow Marines Capt. John A. House II and Cpl. Glyn L. Runnels Jr. will be buried today at Arlington National Cemetary. They will receive full military honors. Flags will be flown at half-staff at the State Capitol Building, the Capitol Complex and on all public grounds, buildings, and facilities from sunrise to sunset today. Individual businesses, schools, and other municipalities are encouraged to do the same. We thank these brave men for their sacrifice and service.


[via CBS2, KCIM]

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